Jesse has attended Horses for Hope for 4 sessions and there has been a significant change for him and his family.

This young man (9yo) has been through trauma in the past and has been diagnosed with Asperger’s and this has caused big problem for him and his family. By participating in the Horses For Hope program Jesse is learning ways to help himself manage these problem behaviours.

“Asperger’s goes away when I’m with the horses” Jesse says with a big grin on his face.

Horses For Hope manager Colin Emonson explained:

"Jesse has worked with four different horses in his four sessions so far."

"Each one builds on a skill level required by the participant because of where each horse is on its journey."

"Phoenix needs lots of calmness and slow steadiness."

He is proud of what he has done here helping the horses so far and so he should be. He is also proud of his new found ability to take control when he is tempted by problem behaviours.

His mum explains “ I get emotional when I drive away from here after witnessing what has happened in the round yard with Jesse, You have horses that have had trauma and people who have had trauma and put them together and they connect…. Rehabilitating together”, “This is not just another Band-Aid, this gives us Hope”.

Hope because of the changes that we see in Jesse.

Hope for our future.



December 24, 2019
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Major Funding Boost From Collie Foundation

Horses For Hope has received a major funding boost from the Collie Foundation whose trustees are Mr Harry M Hearn AM, Ms Sarah Hearn and Equity Trustees. "This funding secures our future and provides us with a solid financial base to support our future…
December 20, 2019
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CCI Giving Supports Horses For Hope

CCI Giving has provided a $5,000 grant to Horses For Hope which allows us to fund a collaborative project with Catholic Care. CatholicCare Sandhurst Family Mental Health Support Services is an agency with which Horses For Hope has worked for some time.…

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