You can donate to Horses For Hope by contributing to one of our fund raisers.

We have four kinds of fundraising campaigns running continuously -

  • You can donate $20 (or more) and get a pack of 5 Horses For Hope Gift Cards
  • You can contribute to support the care and feeding of one or more of our horses
  • You can provide funds to subsidise therapy sessions for clients who may otherwise be unable to afford them
  • Contribute to the Horses For Hope Fund which is used to grow and develop our charity

Contributions can be made by Visa/Mastercard or by PayPal. We welcome one off or periodic payments. All donations over $2.00 are tax deductible.

Donations may be made anonymously but we prefer that you register on the site so that we can recognise your contributions as they occur.

Select your preferred campaign by going to this link or select from the Donate menu option.